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How to Have the Best First Kiss

Read her body language. If her mouth is shut and tense maybe she’s not ready for tongue yet, your first kiss doesn’t have to be a full make out session. Or maybe you feel her softening her lips and mouth, her mouth opens for you. Now she may be leaning into your body, melting into your kiss, your tongues flickering across each other in unison. Perhaps you feel bold enough to introduce more tongue and her tongue welcomes it. You can experiment with depth and pace here, sucking her bottom lip. Maybe you start to give her kisses down her face towards her neck. There could be a shift in her mood, a new heat in your body...

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The Best First Kiss Tips
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The Vagina Guide by Luna & Ersties
Luna's Guide to the Vagina

Before I knew anything about sex, I would often look at my vulva in the mirror and examine all the parts. It was a unique experience as I had never seen anyone else’s vulva, so I thought my vulva was what everyone’s vulva looked like. There were no insecurities surrounding it; it was just a part of me and looked just how it looked. I’ve tried to carry that feeling with me as I've grown older, and I enjoy sitting down sometimes with a small hand mirror and looking at myself.

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How Luna X get's ready to film a porn shoot
How I Get Ready To Make Porn

Yes - porn is an easy job in some aspects and very difficult and strange in others. Like every “regular” job, it has its pros and cons and straight-up WTF moments. So I thought I would share with you what I do to get ready for a shoot. Firstly, it depends on what I’m shooting. Is it solo content? Is it a girl-girl scene? Is it a threesome? Is it a gangbang? Is it an orgy? (Is an orgy technically the same as a gangbang? I wonder who decides these definitions.)

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Luna's Masturbation Tips for Women
Luna's Masturbation Dos & Don'ts

I recently came across an article online that listed household items that could be used as sex toys, and the list was a teensy bit horrifying. They mentioned an electric razor, apparently, you’re meant to take the razor part off and use the vibration from the trimmer??? An electric exfoliator was also mentioned alongside several vegetables. So I decided I would write down some of tips for masturbation and mention some cool toys/other *safer* items you could use with your vagina.

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