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Josie B reveals to Karyn and Sally that it’s always been a fantasy of hers to watch her boyfriend Karmann on a date, so with their help, she sets him up with beautiful Tula. They kiss in the café, and head back to the apartment for some sensual fun while Josie watches from next door.

Here you can see what happened next.

Lola L, Nattie and Sirena come together to fulfil Nina J's Sexual Fantasy in a juicy Gangbang! But before the shoot starts, Cat follows them around the studio and on the streets of Berlin to find out more about how they feel about how it feels to be part of a gangbang.

Watch Nina's Fantasy Here!

The problem with online dating is that it can be almost impossible to feel the vibe of someone before meeting them. So, Ersties made sure that Ana B got a very good impression of who she was about to embark on an erotic adventure with, in the must-watch "Ersties Tinder in Real Life 2".

Watch the Next Part Here

The wonderful Cat walks us through a day on set prepping for this BDSM shibari special. Cat’s curiosity into the world of bondage gives us a deep insight into what makes such a shoot pleasurable for everyone involved.

Cat has an interesting chat with director Karyn, who tells her how to pick the perfect safe word. Dolly and Lola have a candid and deep conversation about their experience in BDSM, how they got into it and what they love about it.

Watch the action here!

It's casting time! Ana B, Luna T and Zora have arrived at Ersties HQ to make the long-awaited decision…who will be the lucky winner that gets to take part in the Ersties Sex Academy?!

After sifting through lots of candidates, each of the girls picks their favourite, and they whittle it down to just one lucky man. The girls greet him excitedly and immediately start to show what hot classes are waiting for the novice student, because the schedule is tight and what he learns will be of special quality.

Watch the Ersties Sex Academy!

Our fun-loving, energetic beauty Ana B is joined by the gorgeous, dom-leaning Zora, and seductive, stunning Luna T for the first ever Ersties Sex Academy, where one lucky student will become the best lover ever!

Join our beautiful teachers on a multi-part series all throughout November as they teach vital sex & communication skills like consent, oral, tantra and more. We might even have a few surprises and tests to put the student through their paces, so this is something special you can't miss!

Watch the Ersties Sex Academy!

Have you ever wanted to have a threesome but you weren't sure where to start? Well, Ersties has you covered! We join Delfine and Sally (who are both crew members and models) and Delfine's real life partner Juan to talk about their 10 tips to have a great threesome. The trio have had threesomes together but are also good friends - they're the perfect people to help you out with your threesome conundrum ;)

See The Tips In Action ;)

Need a recommendation for what to watch tonight? Our beautiful model, Luna M, has a very spicy video picked out for you - starring herself and 3 other lovely ladies. The video is First Lesbian Experience and the reason Luna M picked this is because this was her first time with not just one, but three women! She also experienced a lot of other firsts like strap on sex and the magic moment of making someone else orgasm. This is a hot video you'll definitely want to check out ;)

Watch Luna's Lesbian Experience

Today we go behind the scenes on the latest Ersties shoot about fisting with Zina and July. This BTS is extra special, as stand up comedian Sofie Hagen also joins in on the fun. Sofie chats to the models about sexuality, taking pride in it and also knowing it's okay to have a good time with your body. She also gets to see what it's like on a porn set and all the little things that go into making it happen (like cleaning the dildos!!!) Don't miss this super insightful BTS!

Learn How To Fist ;)

Our classic Ersties shoot "Tinder In Real Life" is back with another episode! Wonder how we made such an ambitious shoot possible? That's why we made this hilarious and chaotic BTS video, so you can see what it's really like to be on set with us. With lots of juicy questions for our crew and performers, this is one to watch!

Watch The Shoot Here!

Anal - the word can be so exciting but also a bit scary, especially if you've never done it before. If you need help figuring out what anal feels like or what you can do to make it a more enjoyable experience, look no further! We gathered several Ersties models and had them talk to us about their first times with anal. One of the key takeaways is - ALWAYS USE LUBE! Featuring some of your favourite models like Serafina and Daniela.

Watch The Anal Workshop

Our Ersties crush Daniela is back with her second episode of 'In Bed with Esties' and this video is a S-P-I-C-Y one as she reacts to her first ever solo shoot with Ersties so be warned, it will get hottt!

If you've ever wondered if porn performers watch their own content, they do! Not only do we get to see Daniela get a little hot under the collar, we get to hear the cutest moments from filming the shoot! This video is not one to be missed, so sit back and enjoy!

Watch Her First Shoot!

Our crew and performers get together once again to bring you another episode of "In Bed With Ersties" - the show where we get all intimate and ask each other potentially friendship-ending questions for your entertainment. This time we're playing "Who's Most Likely To" ;) So, if you ever wanted to know the answer to things like, "who's most likely to fall in love with a performer" or "who's most likely to catch feelings after a one night stand," this is your chance!! Grab a snack, put your feet up and watch us ask each other awkward questions!

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What Spicy Shoots Turn Our Team On?

Delfine's Ersties Pick - The Zoom Orgy
Delfine's Ersties Pick - The Zoom Orgy

While we absolutely adore all the films we make here at Ersties, there are always some that stick out. We all have our favorites, and in each of our staff picks, one of us will share the inside scoop, previously untold stories, and all the other extra spicy things that made this production so memorable to us.

If you've ever been stuck in a long boring Zoom meeting, then this video is just what you need! The Zoom Orgy was shot at the height of the pandemic when everyone was isolated and craving some sensual touches, and to find a way around that, Ersties hosted a Zoom Orgy! Delfine describes her experience in the shoot and how hot it was, you can clearly see why it's her favourite ;)

Watch the Ersties Zoom Call

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Ersties Content Trailer

We don't just love porn, we love all things about sex! We love to hear about people's fantasies and make them a reality - that is pure magic; to watch and create! We love all the weird and wonderful sex toys out there and our models love to try them! We love watching the chemistry grow between the performers...

As filmmakers and as people, this is what it’s all about for us: the real emotions of having sex, the ups and downs, the awkward moments and the communication and chemistry between performers. We think sex is beautiful, so why not share it for people to enjoy!?

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