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Performer Q+A With Ana

Ana B Interview

What's It Really Like Making Porn?

Have you ever wondered what it's really like working in porn? Having sex in front of a camera? What about if you have to say no on set? We think working in porn shouldn't be a stigma and performers are talented artists so we wanted to talk to one of our models about the good, the bad and the in-betweens about making porn!

We reached out to our bubbly newcomer, Ana B. She became an instant Ersties favourite since joining us last year and she was happy to chat with us and tell us about her experiences in the porn industry, what creates a safe space on set and how her boyfriend feels about her career.

Ana B

How did you first get into porn?

Well, my first shoot was in 2018 and I was in the second year of my PhD. I had a boyfriend in Australia and, since I’d already collected my data and just had to write my article and thesis, I was able to visit him often. I’m from Brazil and was receiving a salary from there, but I had to work in Australia to afford the cost of living.

So I had two jobs, at a café and a restaurant, whilst doing my PhD. It was pretty hard. My English was not good, I was undocumented, so the working conditions and pay were terrible.

So one day I heard about a nude modelling website and I thought, I'm going to check it out. All my life I've been very open sexually and I like doing nude pictures and videos, though I’d always done it for free! So I thought ok, I would just go and see what they have for me.

In the end, I was received so warmly, with such love and respect. I did the nude pictures and videos and felt great. I felt like somebody respected my time and paid me what I deserved. So I just kept working there and thank God I didn't have to work at the café anymore. So yeah.

What was your first shoot with Ersties and what was it like?

It was a Toyboy shoot.

It was last year and at that time I was working for nice but very strict productions. I have a whole thing with my skin, it’s very sensitive and bruises easily, and you weren’t allowed blemishes for those productions. So I remember when I arrived on set for Ersties I was so stressed because I had a bruise!

I told the Producer, Delfine, and she told me it was no big deal! It felt like a safe space. A safe space and a warm environment. The performers and the people that work on Ersties sets, you know what I mean? Everyone is very friendly and very warm. It was easy to ask anything without shame or feeling like you were walking on eggshells. You can be yourself.

Ersties Toyboy Shoot

What did you like about the first shoot? Did you like the Toy Boy dynamic?

It was nice. We didn't have a strict script to follow. I mean, we had some things but we could choose the positions we wanted. We could choose the dynamic of the shoot. It was so freeing!

Was that different from other shoots you’ve been on?

Uff. I mean, completely. In some productions, they say, hey, so, in this scene, you're going to do this position, that position, and then you're going to cum in this position. And then you ask yourself, how can I cum in that position?

Is it hard to orgasm or experience pleasure while making porn?

So my experience is if I can be myself, if I can choose the position or if at least can touch myself, I'm able to make myself come, or find a position to come with someone. I can be more relaxed. For me, I waste way more energy faking an orgasm than having it for real.

I get you. Yeah. I mean I’ve just seen you perform at the Strip Club shoot and was thinking, wow, it must be so hard to come in front of people. Is it challenging to have an orgasm in front of the camera?

I don't think about the cameras, I mean, I know where they are because I'm trying to be open for them. But I don't think about them.

Did you ever have to say no to something on set?

Yes, many times.

Yeah. I mean, it's been great seeing Performer Talks with Karyn on set with Ersties. Would you say it's normal to have those kinds of consent conversations?

No. It's not. Not in the mainstream. I cannot generalize. But I had a time when I went to set and the producers said, okay, do this position, and then take come on your face. And then I say, no, I don't like that.

Another thing that happened on a different set where I told the guy I don’t like anyone spanking me. I say, hey, please don't do it. But at some point during the shoot, he started to spank my ass. And then I said to him, stop it. But he did it two more times. And it was like, you know, and like I told him in front of the shoot producer, you know, and the producer even reminded him. And I had to grab him and say, stop it. I don't want it.

I'm sorry that happened to you. Thank you for being so open and sharing that. It’s an experience sadly familiar to a lot of people outside of the industry too.

Oh yeah.

Is there a big difference between sex in porn & sex in your personal life?

It's funny because before I had a lot of sex with different people. But now my sex is with my partner and on a porn set. So, I get enough.

It’s even better for me because first, I get paid, and second, it's so safe. I know boundaries will be respected and everyone is tested. And the thing is, I used to have a lot of sex before, and it was not great. I did that for free!!

Has doing porn affected your relationship with your boyfriend or has it affected previous relationships?

No, not now. So now I'm, I have my life partner. So he supports me a lot. He loves the fact that I am a performer. He's proud of me, you know? It is a turn-on for him.

Do you ever watch yourself together or does he watch your films?

Yeah. He watches our films because we also do some shoots together. Okay, so whenever we are not together like, for example, I travel a lot. He travels a lot. So he says to me yeah, I will watch.

What is your favourite type of porn to watch?

Girls with toys. I love to watch girls with different toys, like a sex machine, different vibrators, you know, girls having fun alone with toys.

Oh yeah, I saw your fantasy series with the sex machine. It looked amazing. What is your favourite type of porn to make?

Also with girls. Girls and like, a lot of girls, you know. Or yeah like the Truth or Dare that I did with five girls. It was awesome. The more the better.

Has making porn changed your life?

Yes. Now I'm aware of myself. I'm aware of my boundaries, my needs, and what I like. I have more time to take care of myself.

I'm more into feminine things. And I started to love my body. Because before I wasn’t comfortable with some parts of my body. I didn’t feel pretty. It's funny. I used to think I wasn’t sexy because for me, sexy meant people that used a lot of makeup and wore lace.

Since I started porn I’ve had feedback from people and I watch myself too. And you know what, I am sexy! Who says to be sexy or beautiful you have to be this type, this size, or dress that way?!

Lastly, a question everyone wants to know, have you ever had a crush on another performer?

And if so, what did he do about it? Like, would you ever contact them afterwards?

Yeah. Kali Sudra is my platonic crush. But the other one that I dared to contact was Bishop Black. I was not expecting an answer, but I got one! I was like oh, my God!

Thank you so much Ana for answering all our questions and being such a lovely person to talk to!

If you want to see more of Ana, watch her vlog here.

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