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Advice for New Performers

Advice for new porn performers

How To Respect Yourself As A Performer

And why you should always research their dick.

Ana B opens up about her experiences in the industry, and what does a safe space look like on set?

What's the best thing for you about working in porn?

The best thing for me is the free time that I have. I don't need to work when I don't want to. I can schedule my time, and I have plenty of time for myself as well. When I used to work and study at university, I said to my tutor that I didn't have enough time to do this. And he asked me, what do you do from midnight to six? So I didn't have time to take care of my body, my physical body, my mental health, and all the things that now I'm able to do. I have so many different hobbies now. I can read books related to other things!

Is there something that you dislike about working in porn?

My goal before was to be a performer full-time. I like to shoot for websites or productions, but unfortunately, it's not possible. I mean, it is possible if you go to mainstream porn. If you're looking for ethical companies with a feminist approach, indie, unfortunately, there aren’t enough. So this is the downside. For now, I don’t get more than two shoots a month. I did try mainstream and realised I cannot do it, it's not for me for now. At the moment I choose to combine camming and escorting with performing.

Do you have any tips for a new model coming into the industry?

I have a lot. I had some bad things happen to me and not just on set, but also from the stigma surrounding porn.

  • I would say that if you're going to shoot with a guy, ask his name. Research his dick. Sometimes you don't feel comfortable with big dicks, or whatever.
  • And also know your boundaries and make sure you communicate them. In some productions, they don't even ask you what you like or what you don't like.
  • Do only the things that you won't be ashamed of, that you feel comfortable about doing.
  • Do not pass through your boundaries, respect your boundaries. Because if you don't respect your limits, you're not respecting yourself. And if you don't respect yourself, people won't respect you.

Where did you find Ersties? How did you end up working with us?

I think I saw Ersties on Abbie Winter's website. I applied online and quickly I think Amélie or Delfine contacted me. And yeah, we started to talk, I filled out a form about my interests and here we are.

Do you ever get recognised as a porn performer?

No. Never. I mean, not on the streets, but on my Instagram yes. I have Instagram and OnlyFans. So sometimes people message me and say, "Oh, my God, I saw your shoot it was amazing." But never on the street.

Well, maybe people recognise you and don’t say anything.

You know, sometimes that is the funny thing. I'll be out somewhere and I see some guy, like, really looking at me.

What about STI testing? Was STIs something that worried you about going into the industry?

Yeah. All tested. I wasn’t worried about STIs but other infections sure. You know what? Sometimes after shoots, I get vaginal infections and other friends who perform have said it happens to them too. All the time, I do shoots and have to take fluconazole.

Oh yeah I know it's so easy to get a vaginal infection and apparently, it can even pass between people.

You know, today I'm going to try a holistic gynaecologist. I don’t want to take antibiotics anymore. But yeah, it is such a normal conversation to have. Sometimes we are ashamed but it's so normal.

Finally, what is important to know before deciding to do porn?

  • It’s a job like any other. So don't think it's easy and don't do any form of sex work just for the money. The money is not worth it.
  • Do it if you believe in it, want it, and feel comfortable doing it because your family and friends can see it.
  • Take care of your mental health I would say. Take care of yourself. Look into your soul because no one is going to look for you.

That's really beautiful and so important for everybody to hear. I hope you have a wonderful day and good luck with your vagina appointment!

I will let you know if I get any good tips. Thank you. Bye!

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