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Ophelia's Fantasy Shoot

We join Ophelia and her partner, John, backstage to find out how they feel about their first-ever threesome with two guys. Ophelia and John have been together for a while, but they've never had the chance to explore this opportunity. They tell us about all the things they're excited about for this shoot. We also get to witness them meeting their co-performer, Sacha, for the first time and sparks really fly!! Don't miss watching Ophelia's dreams come true!

On Set With Ersties

Performer Consent Chats

Performer Consent Chats

After you’ve arrived on set, got cosy and met your co-performers, it’s time to get into the performer consent chat.

Our DOP, Karyn, is natural at creating a safe space on set and is famous for her performer talks. Everybody is invited to share their preferences, boundaries, and desires. Are feet your thing? Do you prefer non-verbal or verbal communication? What kind of lube do you like? But mainly, what are you excited by, because if something isn't a fuck yes, it's a fuck no!
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Meet The Ersties Crew

Become a Porn Director for a Day

A day in the life of Karyn

What’s the secret sauce for all that sexy porn? People. Behind all the mind-altering chemistry, every shaking orgasm started with a group of women. Our heroic filmmakers take squirt to the camera lens like a pro! And, it’s a tough job but somebody has to polish the dildos.

But what does it take to be a porn director!? Find out and get to know our very own DOP in a Day in the Life of Karyn!

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