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Meet The Ersties Performers

Ersties Pussy Sommelier Interview

Model Fantasies

What is your ultimate sexual fantasy?

From toyboys and regal gangbangs, to sex machines and foot worship, we love to make the Ersties model's fantasies a reality.

We also love to empower models to explore their fetishes & kinks and there's nothing better than matching two or more models on a kink they're super excited to discover, which is exactly what happened with Ana B & Serafina.

Watch more of our model fetish & fantasy shoots here.

Join Ana B Going To Her Fantasy Shoot
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Who is an Ersties Model?

We love and respect all performers, making porn is truly an art! We love working with people who are down to earth, who love creating connections with their co-performers and who love to express their sexuality freely! We know that the best porn is when the performer is really enjoying themselves! So if that sounds like you, send us a message!

Toyboy Fantasy
Mona's DP Fantasy
Ana B, Blue H, Antonia & Andy
Squirting Workshop
Sicilia's Fantasy
Anal Workshop

Ersties Model Picks

What shoots get our models all hot & bothered?

Ophelia Model Pick - The Dare Ring
Ophelia Model Pick - The Dare Ring

Do performers still watch porn? And if so, what shoot gets them excited? It might be one of their own shoots that sticks out as a very special and pleasurable memory, or it could be a shoot of one of their performer crushes!

If you've ever watched an Ersties Dare Ring shoot, you can understand why this shoot was Ophelia's absolutely favourite Ersties shoot to film! Not only did she have the joy of being with 4 beautiful women, she got to experience some of the most fun and curious experiences she's ever had, (especially her favourite moment with Domino's tongue!).

Watch Ersties Dare Ring!

Learn About Sex From Ersties

Performer Anal Advice

How does anal feel? Performer Interviews

How does anal actually feel? Have you ever been curious to try anal, but you didn't know how it would feel? Why not learn from the best, our Ersties performers! Anal can be a beautiful thing to try, but remember it's on your terms. Don't try it unless you want to, and always prioritise your health, pleasure and safety.

Check out our special anal month for more tips!

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