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Ersties Myths About Squirting

Squirting Myths

The Nectar of the Gods

Squirting, otherwise known as a form of female ejaculation has been a topic of hot discussion, pretty much forever.

In ancient times, people called the fluid from squirting the ‘Nectar of the Gods’, so clearly, people have been enjoying it for a long time, but as much as there are ‘squirting fans’ there are a lot of misconceptions and negativity surrounding the topic. 

In 2014 squirting was banned from pornography in the UK for being “obscene” because it was conflated with ​urolagnia (sexual pleasure from pee), essentially labelling depictions of female pleasure as indecent. Plus, the ban was also a clear form of kink-shaming, but that’s a whole separate issue.

Myths About Squirting

Anyone who’s ever watched porn has probably encountered a squirting video and it’s quite easy to see why people find it so interesting. It’s explosive, it’s passionate, it’s a show stopper, but how much of it is real, how much of it is pee and how much of it is really pleasurable? That’s what we want to find out.

So we took to the people who know best - porn performers! We asked them a bunch of questions about squirting to find out all the truths & lies about squirting, so we can finally put some of these myths to bed!

Myth #1 - “Squirting in Just Pee”

Well from all the people we spoke to, the resounding answer to this one is ‘False’. Squirting is an involuntary ejaculation of fluid from the urethra, but it’s not the same action as peeing. The reality is, it probably does have a little pee in it, but the actual ‘ingredients of squirt’ contain proteins that are usually found in male ejaculate.

Myth #2 - “Squirting is an Orgasm”

This one was more complicated, but it’s pretty much false because it’s not the exact same as an orgasm - meaning, it’s not the ‘full release’ or ‘big finale’ that we call an orgasm. Someone can squirt but still not feel the full release of an orgasm, but it can also happen at the same time as an orgasm.

The important point to take away from this is, if your partner has squired, don’t just assume they don’t want to continue having sex, because they might still be raring for more.

Myth #3 - “Everyone Can Squirt”

This one is still a mystery, but our models wanted everyone to know that squirting is not the ‘be-all and end-all of sex'. It’s nice when it happens and nice when it doesn’t. It’s not a measure of sexual success or skill and you shouldn’t feel pressured to squirt.

Myth #4 - “Squirts Are Big Waterfalls”

The truth is, most squirts are pretty small. They’re not this huge explosive waterfall, sometimes they’re just a little spurt, but they’re still nice nonetheless!

If you want to hear more about squirting from one of our models, check out our Instagram Live with Eve here.

Teach Me How To Squirt

Now we’ve settled a few of these myths, the question you’ve probably all been asking is, “how do you squirt???”

Well, our models have helped us out and shared their best tips to experience your first ‘squirt’. Enjoy below!

How To Squirt - Performer Tips
How To Squirt - Performer Tips

Who Wants To Enroll in Squirting School?

Our Ersties performers don't want to have all the fun, so they have shared their best tips to have a fun, relaxing time and if you squirt - fab! And if you don't, then you have a hot, pleasurable time anyway!

How To Squirt - Performer Tips
How To Squirt - Performer Tips

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