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How Anal Can Increase Pleasure

What Is 'Anal Pairing'?

A delicate salmon in lemon-dill sauce goes superbly with a Sauvignon Blanc. But what would you suggest to pair with masturbation?

‘Anal pairing’ describes any anal touch, inside or around the anus, to enhance other sexual acts. So it might include rimming, fingering or penetrating the anus with a toy while masturbating or having sex.

Research has found 40% of women studied use anal pairing, and almost 70% orgasm more and better from it, and nobody knows this better than the original pleasure scientists, Ersties models. "It’s way hotter than normal sex. I come faster with anal sex,” confirms Julia B, with words, and later with an orgasm in her Anal July video.

How Do You Prepare For Anal?

Buttholes demand a softness from us at first, it can be tender. So if you’re delving into your own posterior it’s worth stocking up on lube first. Start slowly and consider using training kits if you want to work up to bigger toys. Anal penetration can be uncomfortable but that can also be part of its appeal. Always listen to your body. For Serafina, “once you get over the bump of discomfort, “a whole universe of pleasure opens up”. A comforting promise from a sexy woman sloshing around in her bathtub. Safety note: if you’re considering pairing anal with vaginal play, please remember not to mix up your fingers. You can also use a glove, and keep some wipes to hand!

What Makes The Anus So Sensitive?

Half of all nerve endings in the pelvic region can be located in the anus, mainly around the opening and just inside. So it’s not surprising wandering fingers find themselves circling and pressing this sensitive area. Deeper penetration can feel incredible too, as it “kind of reaches your g-spot”, says Daniela, who “likes to incorporate a bit of anal” with her boyfriend, but shows us how it’s done with a pretty glass butt plug.

Melody Anal Month

Do People Like Anal Because It’s Taboo?

Anal play isn’t only satisfying because of the sensation, if you get energetically aroused, or are perhaps kinkier, you may be turned on by doing something taboo. “It feels dirty and naughty,” Sadie. The roleplaying aspect of doing something that feels out of character can be liberating, ‘It’s kind of like a bad girl thing. Doesn’t seem like something I would do.” gushes Melody, before proving herself satisfyingly wrong.

Take Yourself Out To Dinner

Just because you’re solo playing, it doesn’t mean you should have to work any harder. I loved the quartz wand Jin had in her anal video, but understood why she rejected it for the “hands-free” butt plug. Like many, Jin likes the double penetration of being filled, “you learn how to fill yourself through eating and drinking then you go to anal at some point and it’s like wow, a whole new place to put stuff!” I guess self-pleasure really is a dish best served with anal.

Anal Intimacy & Self Love

Anal July on Ersties awakened me to the fact that anal is something you can do for yourself. In popular (hetero) culture, anal can be spoken about as an exceptional thing to do once you’ve done everything else. Sometimes even as a gift to your partner. I was pleased that the intimacy of anal was something that could be felt entirely by yourself. Even hearing about Daniela taking the time to train her anus, resonated as an act of self-love.

Seeing Melody go quiet to meet the intensity of her anal play, lost in bliss, was probably my favourite moment.

Check out the beautiful Anal series here to choose yours. Bon appétit!

Serafina Anal Month

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