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Luna's Masturbation Dos & Don'ts

Luna's Masturbation Tips for Women

Hey I’m Luna X!

If you don’t know me, I’m an Ersties performer and recently started working behind the camera at Ersties too! I thought I’d write about something I’m basically a pro at - masturbation - and since it’s Masturbation May at Ersties, I wanted to share some of my dos & don’ts with self-pleasure.

Luna X Masturbation Tips

What NOT To Masturbate With

I recently came across an article online that listed household items that could be used as sex toys, and the list was a teensy bit horrifying. They mentioned an electric razor, apparently, you’re meant to take the razor part off and use the vibration from the trimmer??? An electric exfoliator was also mentioned alongside several vegetables.

I know some of those might sound creative, but you have to be a bit more wary about what you put near your genitals, especially for people with vulvas who plan on participating in penetration. So I decided I would write down some tips for masturbation and mention some cool toys/other *safer* items you could use with your vagina.

Clean Your Toys & Use A Condom

If you are using household items and/or vegetables, don’t forget to use a condom on them! It’s best to prevent infections and from different bits being left behind inside you.

Also if you’re using toys, be sure to clean them regularly and store them in a clean space. If you’re sharing toys with multiple people, consider condoms too.

Unfortunately, we can get infections from sex even if we're only having sex with ourselves! So keep your masturbation sessions fun & safe.

My Fav Masturbation Tips

  1. Masturbation doesn’t have to be penetrative. External stimulation can be super sexy too. Try rubbing the soft corner of your couch on your clit over your panties, you’ll be shocked at how good that feels. Alternatives for rubbing over are; pillows, a book or something firm and a consensual partner’s body part like their leg.
  2. Water isn’t a lubricant! Be sure to bring lube with you if you plan on inserting things inside while bathing, and check that the lube works with your toy. If you're using a condom, don't use an oil-based lube as it will break the condom.
  3. Super busy but super horny? Try this quick clit stimulation cumming position. Lie on your stomach with your hands around your labia and just grind. I always cum in less than a minute. Or, you can place a ridged toy or a pillow that you can grind on in that position. PS: edging in this position is also one of the best feelings ever.
  4. Masturbation doesn’t have to be a solo thing. Try masturbating with your partner(s). Either ask them to masturbate you in a way you like, or masturbate together and watch each other get off. It might sound strange, but watching a lover please themselves can be incredibly arousing.
  5. Try being vocal next time you masturbate. It sounds silly but it really works. It can turn a boring masturbation session into something wonderful. Just make sure your walls are at least a tiny bit soundproof…or not and just be that loud neighbour everyone complains about but is secretly jealous of.
  6. I know this might sound crazy, but you don’t always have to cum to enjoy masturbation. Sometimes it’s nice to wind down, feel your body, what it wants and tease it a bit. Get to know your body and try new things out. Not every session is about climaxing.

Masturbation May on Ersties

Hopefully, you enjoyed my tips and can use some on yourself or your partner!

If you need more inspiration for your self-pleasure session, check out what's going on this Masturbation May on Ersties. Watch what's in store this month and join in the fun with us!

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