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5 Things I've Learned from the Ersties Squirting Workshop

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My Squirting Dreams

I’ve wanted to squirt forever. Sadly, my partner and I often slump onto the mattress frustrated after jabbing hopelessly at my g-spot for hours. So, with heavy arms, I realised I could learn from the best and watch the squirting workshop to unlock my aquatic ability more gently.

And with the help of a hands-on lesson from Lindsey, it finally happened. The joy, the release, the shameless glow of a first squirt puddle. All without leaving the comfort of my sofa. Here are five things I learned from the Ersties Squirting Workshop:

Relaxation Is Important

Relaxation is the first chapter of what Lindsey calls “managing energy over time”. By starting calm and building incrementally, you set the scene for explosive energy later on. Focus on taking deep breaths to get grounded and begin exploring the body with whatever touch feels good. You could even incorporate an oily massage which, let’s be honest, wouldn’t be written off as a bad time in and of itself.

Building Energy with Breathwork

Squirting is as much about power as it is about letting go. As you become aware of your breath, allow the energy to fall out of you with a sound. Build it even more by arching your hips and releasing a big sigh. Lindsey focuses on building energy rhythmically which, sure, is easy when you’re holding hands with a group of women, but nobody is stopping you from following her count.

Hydration break: Take a sip of water. You’re going to need it.

Get Acquainted With Your Body

Now you’ve built some tension, it’s time to get to know your body. Locate your g-spot by reaching inside and curving your fingers towards the abdomen until you feel something spongey. Give your pleasure button a little wave! It may take a while to get used to it but once you know, you know. Take some time to explore what pressure and rhythm work for you: pulling come-hither motions are good, and so is steady vibration from a g-spot sex toy.

Give Notes

Squirting can be a solo or partnered experience: Some people can squirt during solo play, while others find it easier with a partner. Don’t be afraid to try a few different positions and figure it out together. And listen out for that telltale wet sound if you’re playing with somebody else, you can probably both feel the squirt coming.

Embrace The Mess

A common misconception about squirting is that it's urine, but this is not the case. The ejaculate is a clear, odourless fluid that comes in two forms from both the Skene’s glands and the urethra.

That being said, you may feel a sensation like an urge to pee, and just letting go may make you squirt! It’s ok to put a towel down if you’re worried. If the squirt flows freely, Lindsey has a great tip to swish your hand across your clit to make a real mess.

If you feel self-conscious with another person, remember a lot of people find this super hot! Be sure to take note of your delighted partner’s smile when they get soaked in your squirt. If the model’s “oh, wow!” is anything to go by, being squirted on can be a real treat.

Be Patient

Don’t judge yourself if it isn’t working. You are not a machine. Not everybody squirts and some are more naturally inclined than others. Try to be compassionate. Service your pleasure and allow the goal to be the process, not the outcome. In the end, it’s just fun to explore each other’s bodies and your own.

The workshop helped me feel more confident and empowered to squirt. But I also loved seeing Ersties models overcome with excitement from squirting for the first time. It looked like a spiritual experience. Oh and the way Lindsey fingers Bonnie whilst gently telling her to let go? I mean, come on.

I can’t recommend it enough and our beautiful model Daniela thinks the same. That's why it's her 'model pick', watch her review, or watch the Ersties Squirting Workshop yourself here.

#37 anxiety, fears and desires
#37 anxiety, fears and desires

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