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Ersties Shoots You Can't Miss

Ana B & Serafina Fetish Shoot

My Favourite Ersties Moments of 2023

This year has been pretty exciting for me at Ersties. Not only did we launch this very site - 'The Ersties Spot', we really created some really fun shoots that take viewers really up close and personal behind the scenes, into the lives of our crew and showcase the incredible performers we work with in intimate interviews, reaction videos and even some sex ed lessons!

We love creating content that tickles the mind and inspires us to think differently about porn, plus we just love talking about sex! The downside is that we face a lot of censorship on social media, and we recently lost our Twitter account :(, so we know the value of this website to share sex-positive content! That's why I wanted to share some of my favourite content we've made this year to celebrate sex & real pleasure - enjoy!

Watch all of the beautiful & spicy Ersties content here.

Ana B Chose Her Perfect Tinder Match

This was 100% one of my favourite shoots to be on! The tension was high as we had regular guys who genuinely had no idea if they'd be chosen by Ana and end up making porn that day! It was super exciting to hear what Ana was looking for in her match and to take her on a very romantic date myself the day before (Ana, call me & let's do it again? <3)

You seriously can't miss this shoot, watch it in full here.

We Got Kinky & Explored Our Fetishes

This year at Ersties we really wanted to push ourselves to explore our deepest fantasies and make them happen! I loved hearing performers like Alice talk about the feeling of latex on her skin, and turns out I'm a lot more into feet than I thought I was (thanks to watching some incredible fetish shoots this year!).

If kink & fetish are your thing, don't miss our special Fetish Month.

Explore Pee & Feet Fetish with Ana B & Serafina
Explore Pee & Feet Fetish with Ana B & Serafina

We Watched Daniela React To Her First Shoot!

If you've ever watched yourself in an old video or seen a facebook reminder from a post from 6 years ago, you know how cringe it can be to see your younger self, so how would you react to your first ever porn?!
That's exactly what I wanted to know from the incredibly lovely and beautiful Daniela, (turns out it's pretty hot to watch yourself back...)

Enjoy this special video below, and enjoy Daniela's first shoot for yourself here.

Daniela Reacts To Her First Solo Shoot with Ersties
Daniela Reacts To Her First Solo Shoot with Ersties

Kim Shared Her Boyfriend With Her 2 Friends

I've loved the Toyboy series from when it first started. The thought of having a guy there to please you and your friends all day sounds absolutely lovely! However, Kim took it to new depths and not only wanted a Toyboy but she wanted her very own boyfriend to be the Toyboy, and to share with 2 of her friends.

Do you think you could ever do it? It made for a really interesting and exciting shoot. Plus it was one of the first times we shot behind the scenes during the scene itself, so you get to see the reality of what it's like when the spicy stuff starts happening!

Watch the BTS below and enjoy the spicy shoot here.

Behind The Scenes of Toy Boy Diaries
Behind The Scenes of Toy Boy Diaries

Our Crew Got Intimate in Bed with Ersties

Lastly, we really wanted to open the world of working in porn, we love our jobs and we have a bunch of lovely weirdos that we work with, so we thought why not invite you into bed with us and play some juicy games like Truth or Drink!

Turns out we had a few secrets and shocking responses that some of us were not prepared for, but honestly, it brought us a lot closer together, turns out knowing someone's fav porn category and weirdest masturbation story really bonds you!

Anyhoo, enjoy the video below and watch the whole 'in Bed with Ersties' series here and subscribe to Ersties for real pleasure!

A Porn Crew & Performers Play Truth or Drink
A Porn Crew & Performers Play Truth or Drink

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