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The Women of Ersties

Adult films made by women, putting real pleasure first

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The Women Who Make Ersties Porn
Come get to know us
Karyn & Amelie

It all started in one of our bedrooms. Three amateurs, one dream: to capture real pleasure. So we grabbed a camera and texted Sarah, ‘can you bring your pink bra pls?’ Actually, we still do that. We were just excited to finally make the porn we wanted to watch: authentic female pleasure, led by the women who want to share it.

So, what started as friends making porn in a messy bedroom has grown into an amazing team of filmmakers, magic-making producers, and pleasure activists, with messy bedrooms. We’ve turned hundreds of fantasies into reality - Ersties is basically a library of sex dreams - but our favorite thing is still seeing a woman light up describing what she loves. There’s nothing like it.

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What's New at Ersties?

Ersties Sex Academy Trailer

Meet the 'Ersties'

Based in Berlin, Ersties is a great place to get started as a model or grow your reach. Our content includes in-house and self-filmed solo/lesbian scenes, live playdates, and larger group productions. All of it, produced & filmed by women.

Our viewers really enjoy getting to know our models, so be yourself! Are you having a cozy night with your girlfriend? Great. New alien dildo to try? Cosmic. First-time anal queen? That’s cool too. No need for big theatrics, unless that’s something you’re into.

Whether you’re filming at home or on set with us, expect a vibrant atmosphere and a culture of clear communication and informed consent. Just like all great sexual relationships should be!

Hang out with the Perfomers
Get to know the Ersties performers

A Day in the Life of Daniela

Spend a day in beautiful Southern Spain with Daniela! All the questions you have for Daniela are answered in this video! Like how does she have such perfect skin?! Or how does she stay so flexible? What are her favourite toys? Daniela shares her secrets, her yoga routine and the rest of her sensual day in this vlog that you can't miss!

Watch her intimate solo shoot after <3

A Day With Lovely Lilith

Join Lilith for a tour around Berlin! She shows us her favourite spots and while chatting to us about herself and working with Ersties as a performer. Lilith goes roller skating, then to a clothing gallery to try on some outfits and then we go back to her apartment where she gets much more *comfortable*. See Berlin and learn more about Lilith and her life in this sweet and intimate vlog.

Join her for an intimate solo shoot

In Bed with Daniela Part 1, Ask a Porn Performer Anything

Ask A Porn Performer Anything!

Meet Daniela, if you didn't have a huge CRUSH on her before, you will after this! She's an open book and tells us all about her life before and outside of porn, plus how she got into porn and some really cute stories about her first shoots. You'll fall totally in love with her after this video, watch it and find out <3

What is cuckolding? Interview with Maria, Kali & Sylvan

Hangout With Kali, Maria & Sylvan

Explore fetishes with Ersties!

What is cuckolding and have you ever been curious to try it? If you've ever wondered how it feels to watch your partner with another person, then this is the interview for you! The beautiful Maria Riot & Kali Sudhra talk about their sensual and teasing cuckolding experience with Sylvan.

A Day in the Life of Domino

A Day with Domino in Paradise

In her vlog, beautiful Domino takes you to the world's largest island paradise – Indonesia. Join our lovely hostess, dressed in stylish magic pants, for her morning routine and a whirlwind trip on a scooter to a local café. We couldn't imagine a more beautiful and perfect paradise than this day with the adorable Domino. Watch Domino's spicy shoot here!

A day with Nikita & Leyla

Nikita & Leyla

Have you ever had a tinder date that went well, but you lost touch after the first date? That's what happened with Leyla & Nikita! Luckily fate brought them together again as they bumped into each other in a club and the night took a spicy turn as they went home together...

Watch their full shoot to find out more!

Ana B's Sex Machine Fantasy Vlog

Ana B Sex Machine Fantasy Vlog

Have you ever been curious to try a sex machine? Maybe you've never even seen a sex machine? Well, our beautiful and very curious model Ana B has been fantasising about using a sex machine ever since she first saw one, so we were super excited to make her fantasy a reality. Join Ana as she prepares for the shoot with her beautiful co-stars in her vlog.

The Perfect Date with Jin!

'The happiest place on Earth' isn't Disneyland, it's Disneyland with Jin, especially when she spends a whole day with us chilling in the bath, taking us for food and so much more. If you weren't in love with Jin before, trust us, you will be after <3

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Authentic Sex, Amateur Films

Ersties Content Trailer

We love seeing people empowered in their sexuality, watching them melt with pleasure, watching them communicate about desires and boundaries and seeing all those beautiful bodies come together is what makes our work so magical. That's the kind of movie we love to make! Enjoy a taster here...

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Behind the Scenes

What really happens on a porn shoot?

What really happens on a porn shoot? Join Karyn, the cast & crew behind the scenes as they share sex tips, preferences, and a bottle of Club-Mate.

Come Backstage!
Strap On Brunch BTS
Toyboy Casting Special BTS
Spring Break Berlin BTS
Sex Toys & Cameras
Karyn Setting up Cameras
Ersties Crew Chilling BTS
Karyn & Models Photoshoot

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